Who we are

TOPOI was founded in 2016 with the aim to reach cyclists all over the world who like to simply get out and ride. We are passionate about our riding and about the stories we come along while being outside.

What we do

We ride. We capture moments. We try to see cycling from our own perspective. At TOPOI we want to offer you information about a fine selection of roads that we have ridden and that inspired us to create this little universe.


There are plenty of faces and facets to be seen, when it comes cycling. And the meaning that fills the word inspiration knows equally as many. With our love for cycling and our own passionate style we try to collect some of the impressions along our way. And we want to share these impressions with you. From our perspective. TOPOI is our own little universe. Our idea of what makes cycling so unique. It shall spur you on. To dream. To get out and just ride.

TOPOI is cycling from a different perspective. Passionate. Addicted. There to inspire.


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