Maly Hrzín – Srní // Czech Republic

The Ohře River valley marks the Southern end of the Ore mountains. There are plenty of great and quiet roads to be found. The narrow stretch that leads through Maly Hrzín and Srní is one of the most scenic ones of the area.

The road is 11.4 kilometers long and ends near the lower slopes of the Klínovec, the highest peak of the Ore mountains. It offers an elevation gain of 658 meters. The road drags up steadily but is also host to a few steeper ramps with a gradient up to 20 percent. Especially riding through Srní can be challenging. The village is home to 4 switchbacks and an elevation gain of 134 meters over 2 kilometers. The surface in both Maly Hrzín and Srní is much better than on the lower and upper parts of this road stretch, where it I can be rather poor.

Most parts of this road lead through the mountain ridge’s characteristic deep forests. However, at times small windows open up between the trees and allow for great views down towards the Ohře River valley.


Distance: 11.4 km at 6 % avg. gradient
Highest Point: 1.051 m
Lowest Point: 393 m

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