Oswaldtal // Germany

The main landmark of the Oswaldtal valley is a narrow creek, nestled in tender fields. At only 5.1 kilometers of length this short stretch of road is worth every minute riding on it. Approaching the valley from the north its surrounding nature is an immediate motivation. From there on the road descents slightly until Waschleithe, a small village that is home to a miniature park.

Around 4 kilometers into the descent an old church ruin comes into sight. It marks the end of the valley. Word has it that this church, the so-called Dudelskirche, burnt down during its consecration. It is though not the only place around that has a history to it. In 1455 AD Kunz von Kaufungen, a knight who had kidnapped the sons of the Saxonian elector, was captivated in the forest nearby the church, before facing execution.

The road comes to an end with a short 400 meter long drag into the next village, Langenberg.


Distance: 5.1 km at -2 % avg. gradient
Highest Point: 503 m
Lowest Point: 383 m

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