Renaissance Reconnaissance: Roadtripping the Ore Mountains

The Ore Mountains stretch into both Germany and the Czech Republic, with the border between the two running just north of the main crest of the mountain range. The area has a long and diverse history. And even though offering a wide variety of gently rolling hills and steep ascents, it hasn’t yet had its outing as a worthwhile road bike destination.

We set out in late autumn 2016, full of excitement. With the weather throwing at us whatever possible, our goal quickly changed from catching the area’s magical leaf change to shooting a story of chasing and surviving the conditions.

The story was published by ENVE in March 2017 [ Link ].

Roads to discover

The Ore Mountains have plenty of great roads on offer. And not all of them are steep and hidden in the forests. During our trip we were lucky enough to ride these 3 roads.

Potůčky // Czech Republic – [click here]

Maly Hrzín – Srní // Czech Republic – [click here]

Oswaldtal // Germany – [click here]