Val di Mazia // Italy

South Tyrol has a well known reputation for major passes like the Passo dello Stelvio or the Passo della Mendola. It is also home to some challenging dead end roads like the one up the Val Martello. Val di Mazia is a little lesser known side valley of the Vinschgau.

Alpine farming has always been a main characteristic of the Val di Mazia. It is considered to be one of the poorer valley’s of the area and has so far been spared from heavy tourism. Due to this the valley has kept its natural charm.

Starting in Tartsch the road kicks up quite hard with gradients well above 10 percent. There is no time to catch a breath over the first 2.5 kilometers. 250 meters of elevation gain mean serious business. The road describes two switchbacks before reaching Matsch. The village marks the halfway point of this stretch of road. From here on the gradients ease up. The profile stays lumpy but sees only a few short ramps.

After 13.2 kilometers the paved road ends on the parking lot of the Glieshof, an outlying mountain inn.

Descending back down towards Tartsch one can enjoy the stunning scenery of the Ortler Alps.


Distance: 13.2 km at 6 % avg. gradient
Highest Point: 1.789 m
Lowest Point: 1.048 m

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